are the only
person you
need to be
good enough

5:43 p.m. (You’re already good enough for everyone else)

I needed this.

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Take a shower,
Wash away the bad thoughts,
Cleanse your body,
Put on some relaxing music,
Get in to bed,
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Anonymous: So you're too afraid to talk to girls cuz you're afraid they'll be stolen from you? Sounds pessimistic and makes you a pussy along with fishing compliments also makes you a pussy. All I'm saying is you gotta go after girls and if it doesn't work out then fuck it move on to the next one and so on. People on here seem to like you so I'm sure finding a girl who thinks the same in real life is gonna happen. I'll remember that hiding my emotions makes me a pussy so long as I have scars on my arm

no that’s not even close to what i’m saying. first of all i never said i’m not talking to girls so get that shit out of your head. you said swing and you’ll hit a home run. i’m saying i did, i have, and i will continue to. i’m saying i struck out more than once- there goes your move on. i’m saying i hit a home run and that home run was stolen from me. scars? stop acting like you’re the only one with them. once again before you make your assumptions of me and how i am maybe you should actually know who i am and not everything you see on my blog




when I’m old, kids will think I’m so ancient because it’s like ‘Holy shit you were born in the nineteen hundreds’

We’ll be the last humans to be born in a year beginning with “1”


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damn right I did


when no one in class is ready for the test


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look what we have here

i have legitimately never laughed harder and for as long in my entire life

I sat here until my eyes glazed over and then was thinking ‘this is so dumb its just three wells’ and then

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N U M B on We Heart It.


Go ahead and just try to pick a favorite answer

I’m going to spread my STDs everywhere, using this condom

wrap it before you tap it, don’t be a fool, cover your tool